Test: Beginner Trombones Under $1000

By Dale Truscott and Jamie Kennedy

Both of us having come across a wide range of beginner instruments in our time as trombone teachers, we felt it might be interesting to find out just which of the instruments available from shops in Brisbane (Australia) for under $1,000 turn out to offer exactly what students, parents and teachers in the market for an instrument need: a low price tag, a great slide, great responsiveness to air and articulation as well as a beautiful, warm sound.

We tested seven beginner trombone models available from three different shops in Brisbane: Bach TB301, Blessing BLTB1280, Conn 23H, JP Rath 231, Jupiter 232L, Nuova and Yamaha YSL 154. Rating each instrument on three key factors and testing the cases for normal student use, we came to the recommendations in the table below – click here for a downloadable PDF of the test results.

Test_Beginner Trombones for Under AUD $1000-page-001

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2 responses

  1. Nice site.
    As a trombonist and adopted Melbournian living in the Chicago area, I really appreciate the interesting articles. One comment: just wondering about a couple of Aussie trombone players I know and respect- Donna Parkes and Tom Bird. Do you have any info as to their careers at present?

    Thanks for your attention.

    • Thanks for your comment Jim and we’re pleased to hear you are enjoying our site. We recently published Unexpected Turns from Tom Burge and plan to feature Donna Parkes in the future. Both Tom and Donna are currently working with orchestras in the US.