Join the World’s Biggest Orchestra Trombone Section

By James Morrison

QSO bones with James Morrison

James with the Queensland Symphony Orchestra’s trombone section (L to R: Tom Coyle, Jason Redman and Dale Truscott)

Photo: Queensland Music Festival

It’s always fun to get together with other musicians and make music, usually the more the merrier. If that’s the case, then we are going to be extremely happy on July 13th at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane, because we will be with thousands!

This will be an attempt on the world record for the largest orchestra and of course includes many, many trombones. I have arranged a short medley that should be playable by such a gargantuan ensemble (nobody really knows until we try it).

This event will be witnessed around the world, so I thought it fitting to start with the iconic “Waltzing Matilda” so everybody knows where this is happening. It being an ‘orchestra’ I think a nod to the great masters is appropriate, so we follow Banjo Patterson with some Beethoven – “Ode To Joy” from his 9th Symphony. Finally, I think we need to let our hair down and so we’ll conclude with Queen’s immortal “We Will Rock You” … definitely not your average medley 🙂

This is a chance to potentially make history and certainly have a lot of fun whilst drawing attention to instrumental music. I guess I feel the really “big happenings” shouldn’t be confined to sport!

There is a small charge to participate, due to the enormous cost of the venue and infrastructure required to stage this – but you do receive a commemorative T shirt with “I’m in the Worlds Biggest Orchestra Challenge” and you can put on your resume that you played with a number of great musicians who will be participating.

I urge you to be in it and tell your colleagues as well. This is a chance to put instrumental music (and more importantly trombones) centre stage for the world to see 🙂

James Morrison

Artistic Director – Queensland Music Festival

Register here before June 30 to participate in the World’s Biggest Orchestra attempt in Brisbane on July 13 together with James Morrison and the QSO trombone section!